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During Apple launching new broken iPhone upgrade, screen protector installation programs, LETI ELECTRONICS still provide best buyback price for cracked LCD.

More cash for your broken iPhone 5 / 6 / 7 Screen!   3 Reason Why LETI ELECTRONICS buyback program is a better deal.   1) We offer cash payment the same day we receive and test your broken LCD’s. It’s a huge benefit that can make all the difference when buying parts and tools Read More

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Mining Hardware Specialized Equipment-Get It Now

There is no hesitation at all that CPU search for the hardware while processing. As an example you can think of both GPU and CPU. GPU has been added just a decade back. It is rightly said that without GPU the computer was very boring. However, GPU made the computer interesting and now people do Read More

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Smartphone Repairing China- the Mechanism becoming more and more popular

There is no hesitation at all that smartphone repairing is quite popular and a necessity for 21st century. This is a big question definitely and undoubtedly, you are going to find that it’s very important as the total number of smartphone in the world might soon come in trillion on counting. Smartphone Repairing China is Read More

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Smartphone Parts Recycling China Recycle in Simple Manner

If you will ask people, which are the cheapest market for recycling of Smartphone, then you are definitely going to find that China market is at first place. Smartphone parts can definitely be recycled. However, we didn’t have the details. Thus we went out to find the details and we found Chinese market to be Read More

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Smartphone Parts Recycling China- Recycling is fun In China now

Smartphone Parts Recycling China is definitely considered to be one of the best modes of earning in China for Smartphone industry. There was a time when the smartphone parts recycling were done only in United States. However, now the smartphone parts recycling China is also a buzz word and you will definitely find that Smartphone Read More