Only OEM parts!

What do you do with the LCDs that your customers go leaving at your shop after you replace the screen of their phone?

You can use them to buy refurbished LCD screens just at a very small price. We buy damaged glass LCDs and do LCD refurbishing to make them ready for another use.

Send us your broken iPhone screen today and we will send you back for a refurbished iPhone screen with all OEM replacement parts such as the frame, glue on the frame, OCA, and OEM glass for a reasonable fee. Once your iPhone screens are received and tested, your refurbished OEM iPhone screens are immediately sent out to you. No need to wait on us to refurbish when we have a large stock of iPhone screens ready to ship.

To order Refurbish or swap service fill out THIS FORM.

Pack all your LCD’s. Please pack it well – follow these instruction How do I pack my LCD Screens” ?

Have any questions regarding LCD swapping or iPhone screen refurbishing? Feel free to email us or give us a call.

The price updated on May 20, 2017.

Brand / Model (s)Assembly LevelQuality GradeChina Refurbish Fee USD
Motorola Moto G XT 1032OEMGrade AContact us
iPhone 4 / 4SOEMGrade A5
iPhone 4 / 4SNON-OEMGrade A5
iPhone 5 / 5S /5COEMGrade A6
iPhone 5 / 5S /5COEM (Pink screen) (SN:C11/DWF/F7C) Grade A6
iPhone 5 / 5S /5CNON-OEMGrade A6
iPhone 6OEMGrade A7
iPhone 6NON-OEMGrade A7
iPhone 6 PlusOEMGrade A7.5
iPhone 6 PlusNON-OEMGrade A7.5
iPhone 6SOEMGrade A8
iPhone 6SNON-OEMGrade A8
iPhone 6S PlusOEMGrade A8
iPhone 6S PlusNON-OEMGrade A8
iPhone 7OEMGrade A28
iPhone 7 PlusNON-OEMGrade A28
iPod Touch 5OEMGrade A15
iPad Air 2 LCDOEMGrade A30
Samsung Galaxy Note 1OEMGrade A15
Samsung Galaxy Note 2OEMGrade A15
Samsung Galaxy Note 3OEMGrade A15
Samsung Galaxy Note 4OEMGrade A15
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 EdgeOEMGrade A20
Samsung Galaxy Note 5OEMGrade A25
Samsung Galaxy Note EdgeOEMGrade A28
Samsung Galaxy S2OEMGrade A10
Samsung Galaxy S3OEMGrade A12
Samsung Galaxy S3 mini i9300OEMGrade A12
Samsung Galaxy S4OEMGrade A12
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini OEMGrade A12
Samsung Galaxy S5OEMGrade A25
Samsung Galaxy S6OEMGrade A30
Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeOEMGrade A30
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge PlusOEMGrade A35
Samsung Galaxy S7OEMGrade A30
Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeOEMGrade A35
LG Nexus 4OEMGrade A14
LG Nexus 5 D820OEMGrade A15
LG Nexus 6OEMGrade A15
LG Optimus G1OEMGrade A12
LG Optimus G E971OEMGrade A12
LG Optimus G2 D803OEMGrade A15
LG Optimus G3OEMGrade A15
LG Optimus G4OEMGrade A17
LG Optimus G5OEMGrade A17
Nokia Lumia 830OEMGrade A15
Nokia Lumia 930OEMGrade A15
Nokia Lumia 1020OEMGrade A15
Nokia Lumia 1520OEMGrade A35
Nokia Lumia 920OEMGrade A12
Nokia Lumia 900OEMGrade A12
Sony Xperia Z1OEMGrade A12
Sony Xperia Z2OEMGrade A12
Sony Xperia LT28OEMGrade AContact us
Sony Xperia LT30OEMGrade AContact us
HTC One XOEMGrade AContact us
HTC One SOEMGrade AContact us
HTC 8XOEMGrade AContact us
Motorola Moto X XT 1058OEMGrade AContact us

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We also provide recycling – buy back service, resell service.
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