Shipping Form

US Shipping – How it works?

1 STEP – count your screens, divide  all of them by models.

2 STEP – Fill out THE FORM.

3 STEP – Pack all your LCD’s. Please pack it well – follow these instruction “How do I pack my LCD Screens” ?

4 STEP – When you submit the form below one of our representatives will call you (inner 24 hours) to to get further details and mail you your free shipping label. Once your screens have been received and tested we will pay you in 3-5 business days!


If you need other services…..
We also provide refurbishing service and swap.
Looking to BUY LCD’s from us? Click HERE for LCD refurbishment touch screen digitizes assembly OR  Click HERE for chinese copy non-oem screens such as Tianma, JDF, IVO, LT etc.
For refurbishment equipment, cell phone parts or accessories press HERE.

If you need other services in Hong Kong, China click HERE have any further questions, please check out the contact us.